Friday, January 9, 2009



Is This The Day?

Will today be the day that I
Hold up my head?
Will I hunger and thirst for God’s
Word to be fed?
Will my family and friends see a
Change in me now?
Is this the day Lord…
Will you show me how?

Will this be the day that I’m
able to stand?
Will my strength be restored by
The touch of your hand?
Will my hope be renewed more
Than ever before?
Is this the day Lord…
Like an eagle I’ll soar?

Will today be the day that I
Dwell in your spirit?
Will I wait for your voice
and be able to hear it?
Will today be the day I’m refined
By your fire?
Please Lord, let today be the day
I live HIGHER!

— calling by:
MygnonRenee ©2005

Monday, January 5, 2009

Having A Forgiving Heart


Having A Forgiving Heart

I wanted to take my time and carefully approach this next question. Because it deals with our young people I told her that I have been observing some young people carrying criticism and resentment toward their parents. Some reasons may be, they were given up for adoption or their parents did not spend enough time with them. None or very little family activities (ball games, camping or just regular outings) are practiced. They may have been victims of abuse or abandonment. All which can cause unforgiveness. I asked Dr. Canion when she addresses this area, how does she handle it? She so eloquently replied, “I tell the young people there are no perfect parents and in many instances it definitely does not negate the love a parent has for their child.” She went on to say that the enemy wants to enialate our youth. One of his major tools is media, television, and radio. She called it “a major demonic instrument that can cause a spirit of rebellion to rise up in our youth and resent authority.” On the average, she said parents spend approximately 4 out of 24 hours in a day with their children. Parents, she says, need to be consistently involved in their child’s life, especially in school! Youth spend an average of 8 hours a day in school. Parents, she said, must be supportive of the school their child is attending. That way, they will know what he or she is learning morally and educationally.

Her final analysis during our conversation was the ultimate answer we all look for. She said, “In order to experience forgiveness, we must first have a personal relationship with the Lord. When we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we can begin to communicate with the only one who can heal and restore our hearts.” When we take our struggles of unforgiveness to the Father, expose yourself to Him. “His Love”... The Lords love can’t help but to overtake you. Your heart will begin to soften and a change will come over your life.

Dr. Tanda Canion Is presently active in the Ministries of Marriages, Single Parents and Youth. Her ministry also sponsors scholarships, holds revivals, conventions, and conferences across the country. Since the age of 18, she has given a tremendous amount of gifts to others. Just recently, she has given away a car and a fur coat to two well deserving individuals. She studied under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Denson, and she currently serves as the National President of Women’s Affairs for Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies under the leadership of Bishop Sherman Watkins and Vice-Prelate, Bishop T.D. Jakes. In addition to her ministry gifts, she has published a cookbook, a Manual for Women’s Ministry and recently launched a new make-up line Lyric named after her granddaughter. Dr. Canion is a faithful servant and takes her assignment in the Body of Christ very seriously. If you would like to contact Dr. Canion and the Assembly of Truth Ministries family. They are located at 350 Hills Ave., Atlanta, GA, or visit ■

— calling by:
minister, edwina edwards

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Life Of A Lily – Editor's Pick


Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has truly been awhile since I've blogged to all of you and I must admit, I miss it! But lots have been going on with me since the last time I've placed a devotion or a reflection here that I must share with you!

I have been doing a lot more speaking lately! God has commissioned me to speak to others not only on my book and testimony but on the Heart of the Matter. What is it that truly concerns us? What is it within us that still causes us to be consumed with bitterness, despair, and the feeling that our prayers are not being answered? When we truly look at our hearts and do some soul searching, we may find that there are issues that plague us to the point of blocking all that God has for us, including the promise of our purpose here on Earth. Ultimately, God's purpose will be fulfilled, however it may take longer, just as Moses and the Israelites did when traveling for 40 years in the wilderness, or he may find someone else more suitable to fulfill it that truly has a heart for God. Remember if you don't use the talents God has given you, He will take it away and give it to someone else. What is it that you have been gifted with that you are truly not using for the glory of God? Think of this seriously and declare that in 2009, you will use what God has given to you, not by right or by your own merit or right, but because he loves you and wants to truly bless you!

To view more of this author, please go to! ■

—calling by:
lily ratliff


WHY I'M BLESSED - Blessed Mailbox ★

Dear BLEST Magazine,

On Dec 7, 2007 I stepped out on faith and left my emotionally abusive husband after 11 years. I instantly became a single mother to our toddler. After a quiet suburban life as a stay-at-home mom, I went back to corporate America and tried to juggle my bills and new emotional and time restraints. Just as I was getting things on track, I was fired from my new "good paying corporate job" because I was a mother and couldn't take business trips abroad at the drop of a dime like my colleagues.

I spent 2 months without a job and could not collect unemployment because I didn't have enough work history in the 18 mos leading up to this point. God later blessed me with a new job in my field and I excelled there for 6 months before being laid-off due to the recession/corporate downsizing. I was now too far behind to catch up on my bills and I loss my new apartment. I put my furniture in storage and moved myself and child into a relative's home. This proved to be disastrous. Despite the lack of work, money and major car issues, I continued to pray and held on to my faith. God sent my mother to put me into a new apt for myself and child. My car's issues are solved. I have re-started my own business (my line of handbags) and I am teaching my skills part-time at an after-school program. I have clients that I do contract design work for on a freelance basis, which has allotted me the flexibility to reach a lifelong goal of opening my own boutique.

God continues to show me the way and grant miracles in my life. In my darkest moments, the Creator was there to shelter me and now I am moving towards prosperity. I am divorced literally and figuratively from those who wish me harm. ■

– calling by:
terina "Meca" mckinney,
Jypsea~Eclectic Handcrafted Leathergoods

Saturday, January 3, 2009



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BLEST Magazine – FAMILY Of The Year!


Dear BLEST Magazine,

It been almost five years since our family moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Queens, New York. We love it here! Our lives have improved tremendously in so many ways. The schools here are wonderful and the after school activities help keep our children off the streets. We’ve had the opportunity to visit some of Atlanta’s greatest churches, historic sites, exquisite restaurants and the aquarium, just to name a few. We couldn’t of asked for more.

Having lost a great grand mother, an uncle and a mother, we have grown to know that God is still a great God, for He as given them great lives and enriched both my husband and I with great memories. Some of which would carry on for many generations to come. Our daughter Breanna and her cousin Sieeda have grown to be such lovely young lady’s. We know that God has great plans for them.

Sure many blessings have come our way throughout the years, but we will continue to pray for other families from all parts of the world. We pray that God will pore His blessings over their bodies, homes, businesses, churches and finances.

We thank God for all he has done for us and we thank him for encouraging you to produce such a wonderful publication... BLEST Magazine. May your dreams be fulfilled and may your hearts continue to be blessed. This publication will succeed, because it is truly in His making.

Wishing You & Yours A Wonderful, Joyful & Prosperous New Year! Be Blessed In All You Do. ■

Love Always,
the watson family

Exquisite Table Top Ideas For The Holiday!


Exquisite Table Top Ideas For The Holiday!

Fancy table tops have always been a distinct focus during the holiday season. Although it seems easy to do, it sometimes can become very difficult, time consuming and costly. During the hoildays, try creating a color combination that will help compliment your room. Take out those great colaborations of decorative items collected from the past few years and see if they will work for your particular event. Figure out what can work together in the room before you spend too much unecessary money. It doesn’t have to be new to look fabulous and elegant.

This season, we wish to expose to you the talent of a renowned interior designer from PWD Inc., who specialize in out of this world custom interiors and exteriors such as homes, house boats, corporate events, floral arrangements, and creative drapery creations. With over 30 years experience, a natural taste of creativity and a love for what she does best, Paula Dies have continued to take her talents to the next level. From Mansion to Marina, you name it, Paula and her team have done it all. You can find her work online or anywhere in the United States or abroad. If you need help transforming your evening full of elegance and style, you have definitely come to the right place. She is truly the best and very blessed in deed. ■

Interior Designer: Paula Dies
Office: Duluth, GA
Web Site:

ENVY - Is Your Heart in The Right Place?


ENVY - Is Your Heart in The Right Place?

Recently, I had the luxury of going to the dentist office for a lost filling. I must admit that is had been a while since I last seen a dentist, but not by choice. I entered the office and felt right at home. It had a comfortable feeling that would satisfy any child and the adult that the child brought with them. As I went to sit down in the dental workstation, I fell into a plush dental chair with at 42 inch plasma flat screen in front of me. It had a modern appearance with the comforts of home as I was the chocolate peaking out from behind the corner of the shelf.

The dental assistant took a couple of x-rays and within moments my dentist arrives. Dr. L. was a youthful young woman around my age. The first question that popped in my head was that I made the wrong career decision. We engaged in conversation about how she would fix my tooth and the cost. Looking at the bill, I again thought I made the wrong decision. What the insurance covered and what I had to pay out of pocket somehow switched places.

Then I thought, “This is what I will write about!”

Envy is the feeling of unhappiness caused by comparing one’s situation or therefore lack to what someone else has obtained.

It was not that I wanted to be a dentist, though I enjoyed the strategically planted TV screens. However, dealing with bad breath and accidental biting is not my ideal career. Truthfully, in seeing my dentist who is close in age, caused me to feel that my goals of entrepreneurship and financial freedom had somehow passed me by completely and I immediately felt left behind.


As I walked out of the dentist office, I realized that I was ticked off by the extensiveness of the bill, and as I sat down in the car I recently paid off to drive to the restaurant to meet my current job’s co-workers, everything I felt in the office disappeared. How quickly can one’s heart go to the wrong place?

When comparing one’s accomplishments or lack of accomplishments to another’s, there will always be someone who is smarter, moved up the ladder quicker, has more money, is in better shape, is prettier, taller, can fit into any shoe at any store at any time, etc. etc. This list is endless.

It is at this time of comparison that some vital questions must be asked. For example:

• What is God’s purpose in my life?
• In fulfilling this purpose, is there any room, rhyme, or reason for comparison?
• Is the path God has taken me been wrong or am I just maturing in my faith?

Answering a few questions can help you determine the reasoning behind the envious feelings. I realized that my dentist is not a better person because she established herself quicker. I chose to follow God’s outline for my life because He purposed each one of his chosen children to walk in a way that brings true light to the world. As a child of God, sibling to the Christ, and constant communicator with the Holy Spirit it is our duty to feel more while going through trials and tribulations. However, we cannot allow envy and his cousins (confusion, comparison, and doubt) take reign in our lives to allow the loss of faith in our hearts.

Is your heart with Jesus Christ or are you pursuing the world heart’s desire? Pursuing Christ’s plan for your life allows your trials to be shorter as you become stronger in relationship with God. However, if the world is whom you seek to please, you will have trial on top of trial to deal with.

Now take a moment and see where your heart is? ■

— calling by :
candace eldridge


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WHY I'M BLESSED - Blessed Mailbox ★


I’m not a celebrity. I don’t have wealth or fame, but I am highly blessed and favored by God. I truly believe that there is nothing that I can’t ask God for and He won’t deliver it to me.

I am a seven year breast cancer survivor...
7 means completion.

I truly believe that God has healed my body; because He says in His word that by His stripes I am healed.

While most people began the new millenium worrrying if computers would crash or if the water supply would dry up, I was worrying whether or not I had cancer. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2000 at the age of 33. This was a very lonely time for me; even though I had lots of people who loved me. I began to isolate myself so people would not see just how vulnerable I was. Everyone always considered me to be this well put together woman who always had it together, so I figured I would oblige everyone by showing them that I was okay, but I was scared to death. After my surgery (lumpectomy), this whole “cancer” thing just seemed surreal. Shortly afterwards, reality began to set in when I began to lose my hair. I realized then that I had a terminal illness and could possibly die. WOW!!! I went through so many emotions. I was angry; how could God let this happen? I was confused; what had I done to deserve this? I was afraid; who would love my children? I was worried; how long did I have to live? My confidence had been shattered; would my husband still find me attractive after losing my hair? What could I have done differently to avoid this? My body and my mind were under attack. But I know that what the devil meant for bad, God meant it for good. After six months of chemotherapy, came 8 weeks of radiation. The radiation caused the skin on my breast to burn and literally summeroff. During this time, I sought after God. I had tried to do everything in my own stubborn power, but realized it was not working. God truly “kept” me thoughout this time in my life. It was only by the grace of God that I made it through this ordeal.

I managed to coach my daughter’s 5th grade cheerleading squad and attend all of my son’s 6th grade practices and football games. I continued to work full time and attend church regularly, but I had no idea of what God could really do. I prayed that God would keep me here long enough to see my children graduate. God heard my prayers. I’m now praying that God will keep me here until my kids are married and have kids of their own. When I finally came out with my hands up and surrendered my life to God, many things became clear to me. As the song goes “I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.” The entire time I thought I was alone, God never left me. From day one, God sent compassionate doctors and nurses. What I came to realize was that the whole time I was trying to lean on my own understanding, I should have been leaning on God. God truly “kept” me. I thank God that I was able to remain active, and I was never sick throughout this ordeal. My children felt safe and secure. No income was lost and I learned to appreciate the little things in life; like the sunshine, children’s laughter, my husband’s smile, a blossoming flower. I thank God for the cancer because had I not gone through this; I would not be the person I am today. My mind has been renewed and my health has been restored. God has not only healed my body, but also my mind. I am a more compassionate and sympathetic person. God has taken my fragile and woulded heart and filled it with unconditional love. God continues to be merciful and gracious towards me, not because I’ve been so good, but because that’s the type of God He is. When I cried out to Him, He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. His word is so true and this experience taught me that I can cast all my cares on Him and He wil see me through. God is a living God. I know him personally as a Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer, Provider, Comforter, Mind Regulator, Strong Tower, Savior and most of all my friend. After God showed me that He would do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask, I began to truly trust Him with every aspect of my life. All the glory goes to God!! God has dried my tears and cast my sorrows into the sea. I am a living witness that you can have a little piece of heaven right here on earth. God will draw near to you when you draw near to Him. Seek Him first and his righteousness and everything else will be added. He will supply all your needs if you ask Him. He will stick closer than a brother. He will listen when no one else will and He will understand when no one seems to understand. Cast ALL your cares on Him and He will see you through. Be still and know that He is God. He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding and will fill your heart with joy. ■

— calling by:
mildred graham