Saturday, January 3, 2009

BLEST Magazine – FAMILY Of The Year!


Dear BLEST Magazine,

It been almost five years since our family moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Queens, New York. We love it here! Our lives have improved tremendously in so many ways. The schools here are wonderful and the after school activities help keep our children off the streets. We’ve had the opportunity to visit some of Atlanta’s greatest churches, historic sites, exquisite restaurants and the aquarium, just to name a few. We couldn’t of asked for more.

Having lost a great grand mother, an uncle and a mother, we have grown to know that God is still a great God, for He as given them great lives and enriched both my husband and I with great memories. Some of which would carry on for many generations to come. Our daughter Breanna and her cousin Sieeda have grown to be such lovely young lady’s. We know that God has great plans for them.

Sure many blessings have come our way throughout the years, but we will continue to pray for other families from all parts of the world. We pray that God will pore His blessings over their bodies, homes, businesses, churches and finances.

We thank God for all he has done for us and we thank him for encouraging you to produce such a wonderful publication... BLEST Magazine. May your dreams be fulfilled and may your hearts continue to be blessed. This publication will succeed, because it is truly in His making.

Wishing You & Yours A Wonderful, Joyful & Prosperous New Year! Be Blessed In All You Do. ■

Love Always,
the watson family

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