Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Movement of Bishop McGill Ministry


In this hour when the body of Christ needs a fresh move of the Holy Spirit and a voice that will declare the very oracles of God, arises a new voice for this end time hour. God has pulled a humble, yet powerful leader to the forefront of national ministry, in the person of Bishop Samuel Timothy McGill.

Bishop McGill has served the body of Christ faithfully in many capacities from Deacon, Minister, Elder, and now a Bishop in the Lord’s Church. He has blessed many people across the United States and abroad with his ministry motto of, “From Pain To Power!”

Intrigued individuals ask, “What is the Movement? Bishop McGill explains how the Lord impressed upon his heart to take people from pain to power through the preaching of the gospel. Bishop McGill’s style of preaching is very charismatic in presentation as he preaches from a psychological approach. He often states, “We cannot change the lifestyle without first changing the mind.”

The movement is a global vehicle that God is using to rescue, restore and reconcile men back to himself. There can be no reconciliation without restoration.

Bishop McGill is the author of From Pain To Power and Suffering For The Glory which give insight to his heart. He states, “Although there’s nothing wrong with an anointed, God sanctioned conference, that’s not what God assigned me to do. The Lord awakened me one morning and says to me that I would not have a normal conference but it would indeed be a global movement.” So after hearing the word movement three times the inception of the McGill Ministries “From Pain To Power – The Movement Of A Now Resurrection” began.

God has gifted and anointed this man of God for this end time movement. Many people dial into his weekly conference call which is the “Hour Of Impartation” that he personally hosts every Thursday at 8PM EST. The testimonies that have been given are phenomenal. Bishop McGill was also led of God to launch a weekly E-Zine designed to be an inspirational newsletter with a powerful featured article that would give people strength and encouragement to keep pushing towards the fulfillment of their God-given destinies.

If you are not a part of the From Pain To Power Movement you can unite with the fresh move that God has given Bishop Samuel Timothy McGill. As a favored TV Host of the Atlanta Live program which airs on WATC TV57 in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Dish Network and DirecTV he is a man of God that is well respected by many.

Bishop John William Wade, II of the Joint College of Pentecostal Bishop’s Congress says, “Samuel McGill is a Godly Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His integrity and faithfulness to God is unfailing.

Bishop McGill’s ministry has blessed many people in Florida as God has given him a ministry motto, “From Pain to Power!”

During his travels Bishop McGill has been a tremendous blessing to my church (PWC) Pentecostal Worship Center located in Panama City, FL. Many souls were filled with the Holy Ghost as he ministered the Word of God. Bishop McGill is a dynamic Preacher and has a heart for ministry.” With the Movement get ready to go, From Pain To Power! ■
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