Sunday, January 4, 2009


WHY I'M BLESSED - Blessed Mailbox ★

Dear BLEST Magazine,

On Dec 7, 2007 I stepped out on faith and left my emotionally abusive husband after 11 years. I instantly became a single mother to our toddler. After a quiet suburban life as a stay-at-home mom, I went back to corporate America and tried to juggle my bills and new emotional and time restraints. Just as I was getting things on track, I was fired from my new "good paying corporate job" because I was a mother and couldn't take business trips abroad at the drop of a dime like my colleagues.

I spent 2 months without a job and could not collect unemployment because I didn't have enough work history in the 18 mos leading up to this point. God later blessed me with a new job in my field and I excelled there for 6 months before being laid-off due to the recession/corporate downsizing. I was now too far behind to catch up on my bills and I loss my new apartment. I put my furniture in storage and moved myself and child into a relative's home. This proved to be disastrous. Despite the lack of work, money and major car issues, I continued to pray and held on to my faith. God sent my mother to put me into a new apt for myself and child. My car's issues are solved. I have re-started my own business (my line of handbags) and I am teaching my skills part-time at an after-school program. I have clients that I do contract design work for on a freelance basis, which has allotted me the flexibility to reach a lifelong goal of opening my own boutique.

God continues to show me the way and grant miracles in my life. In my darkest moments, the Creator was there to shelter me and now I am moving towards prosperity. I am divorced literally and figuratively from those who wish me harm. ■

– calling by:
terina "Meca" mckinney,
Jypsea~Eclectic Handcrafted Leathergoods


  1. Terina, What a powerful story and very encouraging. I was thinking about throwing in the towel about opening a small boutique of hankercheifs and lapscarves for the women along with that giving up my cake decorating, after reading your story I think I can pull myself right back up and keep it going. Thanks so much for your words and seeing if we put our trust in Jesus He will truly bring us through..Praying your business will continue to flourish and as you endevour to reach the sky the limits and beyond. Be encouraged and "Keep Looking Up".

    -encouraged to go on-

  2. Keep ya head up ma,