Saturday, January 3, 2009

Exquisite Table Top Ideas For The Holiday!


Exquisite Table Top Ideas For The Holiday!

Fancy table tops have always been a distinct focus during the holiday season. Although it seems easy to do, it sometimes can become very difficult, time consuming and costly. During the hoildays, try creating a color combination that will help compliment your room. Take out those great colaborations of decorative items collected from the past few years and see if they will work for your particular event. Figure out what can work together in the room before you spend too much unecessary money. It doesn’t have to be new to look fabulous and elegant.

This season, we wish to expose to you the talent of a renowned interior designer from PWD Inc., who specialize in out of this world custom interiors and exteriors such as homes, house boats, corporate events, floral arrangements, and creative drapery creations. With over 30 years experience, a natural taste of creativity and a love for what she does best, Paula Dies have continued to take her talents to the next level. From Mansion to Marina, you name it, Paula and her team have done it all. You can find her work online or anywhere in the United States or abroad. If you need help transforming your evening full of elegance and style, you have definitely come to the right place. She is truly the best and very blessed in deed. ■

Interior Designer: Paula Dies
Office: Duluth, GA
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