Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Race To A Successful Marriage


With the divorce rate at an all time high with about 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, James and Regina Howard have the solution to their marital bliss.

James, a 46-year-old telecommunication analyst, says the secret to their seven year marital success is staying focused as a married couple, seeking God’s face daily and communication. Forty-four-year-old Regina, a credit coordinator for the food service industry, suggests that couples put their full confidence in God.

“When you’re in a marriage, you can’t put total, 100 percent in confidence in people because people fail,” she says. “Going into marriage and being a young couple, Christ needs to come first. He needs to be the first person in their life from their life, from a single stand-point.” When each person in the relationship allow Christ to control their lives, they each become a whole person, says Regina. If one is completely whole in Jesus Christ first, he or she won’t have a lot of high expectations. “You’ll know where your real strength lies. You’ll know who your number one provider is if everything centers around Jesus Christ,” Regina says. When it comes to balancing their hectic lives, James said they do it “very, very gently. We try to do proper planning. “What we’ve found successful is Regina tries to do everything where she puts stuff on the calendar so that we can keep up with what it is that we need to do.

“First and foremost, as long as we keep family first, everything else will summerin place.”

And they do lead very busy lives. In addition to their 9-5 careers, they also have a beautiful five-year-old daughter named Damacia (Maci) Howard. They also host a radio show on AM 1260 where they share their knowledge of matrimonial success on their radio show, ‘A Sound Voice’. James said they put challenging marital issues out there because of the high divorce rates. They want to give a positive image to the grim statistics that is portrayed by the media.

through all of their demands...James and Regina’s main motivation for succeeding in every aspect of their lives is Maci.

“I want to be successful in what I do and give her a good future,” Regina said. “My inspiration for success is to be able to give back to somebody else.”

And to anyone who has a dream and wants to succeed, James advises to make sure you have a vision with your dreams.

“It’s good to dream, but make sure you have a vision to uphold your dreams.” ■
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  1. In order for any marriage to be successful, GOD has to be first. As a Christian man, my family is my first ministry.